Our Story

Our journey started a summer night during a fierce discussion around the dinner table over the question, “is it possible to produce honey free of guilt for the environment or the bees?” We never managed to find an answer at that moment, but a vision was created. With love for the nature and our bees we hope to supply the world with a wonderful delicious product, while still maintaining an environment and future for our next generation.

Our production

Our raw honey is being collected in small batches in the South of Sweden, and we only take and sell the excess honey from the bee hives. The propolis and beeswax is always given back to the bees to ensure the best possible state ofmind for the hives. All the raw honey is cold treated and comes in differentdelicious flavours and with a wide variety of health benefits.

We plant a tree for each jar!

For each jar we plant a tree in a country of need, together with one of our partner organizations, creating job opportunities in third world countries while giving back to our planet. In our effort to make a true positive difference we also offer you the possibility to give back yourself by including a pack of bee friendly flower seeds for you to support your local bee population.